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High School

Course Offerings for High School students (Grades 9-12) 

QDA offers courses from a wide variety of curriculum providers. Listed below are our providers that offer courses for grades 9-12.

  • Apex Learning

    APEX Learning provides comprehensive, standards-based online courses that help schools successfully engage all students in rigorous coursework and prepare them for high school graduation and beyond.

    With the Apex Learning digital curriculum, teachers are able to more effectively differentiate instruction and spend more time working one-on-one with students to address individual needs. Multimedia instructional content motivates and engages students, provides multiple representations of concepts, and addresses different learning styles. The ability to move at their own pace allows students to take as much — or as little — time as they need to master the material. The Apex Learning digital curriculum supports success for all students, from those not prepared for grade-level academic challenges to those capable of advanced coursework.

    Apex Learning partners with school districts to provide solutions tailored to meet their specific educational objectives. Experienced education consultants work with districts to design and implement customized programs. Districts are successfully using Apex Learning digital curriculum to meet needs ranging from credit recovery to original credit, from building foundational skills to creating opportunities for advanced coursework, and from distance learning to classroom-based programs.

    To view the current course catalog, click here

    For more information about Apex Learning, please contact our office at 1-866-968-7032.

  • BYU

    The BYU Independent Study High School Program is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) and by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).

    Courses can be taken through a paper/pencil version or an online version. The student studies the materials, submits lessons, takes a final exam with a proctor or at a testing center, and receives a course grade that can be transferred to the school of their choice. BYU Courses can be taken by anyone in the world from anywhere! 

    How does it work?

    Students register for a course online and are mailed course materials the same day. The course is ready to begin immediately. After submitting all of the course assignments, students take a final exam with a certified proctor or testing center in their area. 

    • After lessons and exams have been completed, a course completion notice or transcript will be sent to the educational institution the student has designated. 
    • It is recommended that students check with their school before enrolling in a BYU Independent Study course.
    • For more information, please visit the BYU Independent Study website. 


  • Edmentum


    Edmentum’s robust program, Plato Courseware, delivers the variety of courses students are looking for, including advanced courses to prepare for AP exams, world languages, electives, and core classes. Learners can explore content, apply knowledge, and check understanding through interactive tools, including periodic tables, historical timelines, virtual labs, and games that bring learning to life. 

    Plato Courseware’s learner experience is designed with simple, intuitive navigation to help students manage and complete their assignments anytime, anywhere there’s Internet connectivity. Students are always in the know with instant updates that help them manage their progress as they complete lessons and activities and communicate with their teacher via messages in the program. Learners are also presented with built-in lesson tutorials, embedded videos, and learning aids to motivate and reinforce learning along their academic journey.

    Edmentum Course View

    View this 2-minute video to tour our Plato Courseware learner experience!

    View over 50 courses available at QDA!

    For more information about Edmentum, please contact QDA today!

    Edmentum provides standards-based, online learning programs grounded in a tradition of solid research and applied innovation. Our effective online educational products will challenge and engage students using interactive, media-rich content. 

  • Odysseyware





    ODYSSEYWARE is a leading provider of online curriculum and eLearning solutions for charter, public, and virtual schools across the United States. Founded on research-based educational models, ODYSSEYWARE's curriculum reaches digital natives and students who are challenged within the constraints of the traditional classroom. With the accelerated use of technology, Odysseyware enhanced its curriculum to include an increasing number of interactive and Internet-based features. Today, Odysseyware offers students a customizable, web-based curriculum accessible from any place at any time.

    Used in more than 900 school districts, ODYSSEYWARE includes courses in the core subjects of history and geography, math, language arts, and science, as well as a variety of electives. To ensure students begin at the appropriate grade level, placement testing is available for elementary, middle, and high school students.

    Course Catalog

  • Rosetta Stone

    Click Here to Access Rosetta Stone

    Students enrolled at QDA have the opportunity to learn over twenty languages through our Rosetta Stone Online Classroom. The Rosetta Stone Online Classroom offers three to five levels of coursework for each language in an easy to use online website. The easy navigation allows students of all grades levels to use the Rosetta Stone Online Classroom.