Technology Questions
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Computer Systems

Students enrolled at QDA have the option to use one of our laptops while they are enrolled. Student can also use their personal computer or mobile device if they wish. While most of our courses are mobile friendly, some features may be limited. If you are planning on using your personal device, please review the system requirements page for more information.

Internet Access

QDA does not provide Internet Access. Instead, we provide Internet Reimbursement up to $40/month. 

Internet Type Recommendation: QDA recommends high speed Internet like cable or DSL to ensure that you have a reliable Internet connection.

Other Internet Providers: While QDA recommends high speed Internet we understand that some areas of Ohio do not offer adequate or affordable high speed Internet options. Students can also use mobile hotspots or satellite Internet. If you are using one of these options please contact QDA so we can use courses that do not rely heavily on videos. If you are looking for a Internet Service Provider in your area, please click here.

Web Services

In efforts to improve reliability and performance QDA has migrated our web services ( | from an internal solution to a cloud based environment. QDA's web services now have 10x more bandwidth on a redundant Internet connection to help limit site outages. Learn more at


Please email or call 330-339-7159 if you have additional technology questions.