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College Credit Plus

What is it?

Eligible students can take a course and earn high school and college credit that appears on both their high school and college transcripts. All courses offered through College Credit Plus must be the same course that the college offers. The course must apply to a degree or professional certificate. College Credit Plus replaces the Post-Secondary Education Option, also known as PSEO, and redefines “alternative dual enrollment” programs as advanced standing programs.


The student is enrolled in both high school and college and can attend the class in any setting arranged by the college.


Ohio public schools districts and Ohio public colleges and universities must participate in College Credit Plus. Nonpublic high schools and colleges or universities may choose to participate. To be eligible, students must meet the admission standards of the participating college or university to which they apply for enrollment.


College Credit Plus starts in the 2015-2016 school year.

How does a student get started?

All participating public and private high schools, colleges and universities must promote College Credit Plus opportunities on their websites. Additionally, they will hold an annual informational event for students and parents. Information for our annual event will be held at KSU Tuscarawas and can be found on their website at


There is no cost for the student to participate in College Credit Plus when the student is enrolled in a public college or university. The high school and college or university share the cost for the course. Students choosing to enroll in a participating private college or university might incur costs.

Additional Information:

Visit the Ohio Department of Education website at for additional information.

Considering Credit College Plus?

College Credit  Plus Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

College Credit Plus at Kent State University Tuscarawas