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The QDA Technology Department would like to remind all prospective and current students that computer systems can and will be provided upon enrollment. However, students wishing to use their personal computer may also do so.

Please note, students using a QDA provided computer system will have all of the required software pre-installed.

Internet Service

Parents and students are responsible for obtaining Internet service. QDA will reimburse up to $40 a month for Internet. (Broadband Providers in Ohio)


High Speed

We recommend any high speed connection available in your area like cable or DSL.



A Satellite connection will work with most of our content providers. Please be sure to check with your Internet Service Provider to determine if there's a monthly bandwidth cap or other restrictions. Some Satellite providers will throttle a user's connection if they go over their data limit. A throttled Internet connection will cause technical issues.


Cell Phone Internet

3G Internet access will work with most of our curriculum providers (4G will work with all of our curriculum providers as long as you have a stable connection). Please be aware that your cell phone provider will likely impose monthly limits on your bandwidth. Some of our providers use streaming media which could cause you to go over your monthly allowance of bandwidth (which could result in overage fees). Please speak to your cell phone provider for more information on data restrictions. We would recommend at least 1GB of data per month, per student. Please note, this is just an estimate and doesn't factor personal use.


Computer System

Any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer system will work as long as you can install one of the web browsers below. Chromebooks are also supported if students are enrolled in Odysseyware or Edmentum courses.

Web Browser

  • Google Chrome (QDA recommends Google Chrome)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 10 or higher.
  • Safari


Each provider may require specific applications, but the following should be sufficient for most of our providers:

  • Adobe Reader (or any PDF reader)
  • Word Processor (Open Office or Microsoft Office)
  • Anti-Virus (Microsoft Security Essentials is free for Windows machines)