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September 12, 2016 Agenda

QDA Student Advisory Committee

September 12, 2016


1.   Welcome/attendance

2.   Introductions

3.   Electing offices

4.   Recommendations

·       Strategies to improve teaching/learning

·       Using technology/website

·       Encourage student achievement

·       Reduce bullying

·       Monitoring progress

·       Other concerns

5.   Upcoming events

·       Literacy festival-November. We need to plan engaging activity for K-4. Estimated student attendance 800.

·       Book Fair- November. We need students to monitor fair during literacy event.

·       Patriot Rally-February. We need volunteers to work registration table. We may need volunteers to help stuff student goody bags prior to the event.

·       Planning NHS/NJHS Induction Ceremony

·       Planning Graduation Ceremony.


6.   Adjourn

Community Service Plan