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System Requirements

QDA issued devices have the Zoom application preinstalled. If you are using a personal device, the Zoom client can be downloaded here.

Using Zoom

Step 1: Go to the QDA Homepage:

Step 2: Press the Virtual Meeting Rooms Link (located in the top left corner).

Step 3: Select your instructor from the list of staff members.

Step 4: The Zoom application will open and you will be placed in your instructor's waiting room. Your instructor will admit you at your scheduled appointment time.

Step 5: Join Audio. Press the join audio button to enable your Microphone. By default, Zoom will use your computer system's internal microphone. 

However, you can select between your computer system or by dialing in by phone using the tabs:

For additional information about configuring your audio, please click here.

Step 6: Enable Video. You can enable your video camera by pressing the camera button on the left side of the Zoom menu. For additional help with configuring your video settings, please click here.

You can enable/disable your audio/video at any time by press the audio or video button.

Zoom Help Center

Need Tech Support?

QDA is able to provide technical support by phone, text, and email.

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QDA (Quaker Digital Academy) is K-12 public school for Ohio students. QDA is an Ohio non-profit online school with offices in New Philadelphia, Berlin, East Liverpool, and Steubenville. QDA provides students with a computer system, tutoring services, an academic coach, and access to hundreds of online courses. QDA is a tuition free school. Contact QDA today at 1-866-968-7032 or complete an information request to learn more about QDA.