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Parents and guardians have access to their student's grades, attendance and other information through our Maestro Student Information System. This account will allow parents and guardians to see academic information for all of their students enrolled at QDA.

Accessing Maestro

Parents and guardians automatically receive account credentials when they complete an application on our Maestro Student Information System. An automatic email will be sent with your username and password once you start an application. If you have completed an application online, but do not remember your account credentials; please use the forgot password link on the Maestro SIS login page ( or contact QDA's technical support.

If you completed a paper application or used an alternative application, we may need to manually create an account for you. Please contact QDA's technical support department.

Login URL:

Navigating the System

When you login, you will have the option to create a new student application and you will see all of the students that you are listed as a parent/guardian for:

Creating a New Application

When you use the create application link, the system will generate a new application packet and prefill the data for you. You will simply need to enter the new student's information.

Student Information

Click on a student's name to see all of the available academic data:

Current Courses

This section will show the student's overall grade and course completion.


This section will show all of the assignments required for open courses, the grade received and when it was received. This information is imported nightly.


The attendance section will show you the student's unofficial attendance. You can also submit offline learning submissions for the previous seven school days on this page.

Report Cards

All system generated report cards can be found here.

Need Tech Support?

QDA is able to provide technical support by phone, text, and email.

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