A video library of Math tutorial videos has been created for QDA students to use to help with their coursework. To access the videos, please visit math.go2qda.org

Downloading Math Tutorial Videos

Occasionally, students will receive a playback error and the video will not play in the web browser. To resolve this, students can download the video to their computer system and play it locally.

Step 1 - Go to math.go2qda.org and select the open drive folder shown below:

Step 2 - Select the course from the directory:

Step 3 - Select the Semester

Step 4 - Select the Unit

Step 5 - Select the lesson:

Step 6 - Double-click on the video file and the video should play:

Step 7 - If the video does not play, right click on the video file and select download.

Step 8 - Once the video is downloaded to your computer system you can open the video and it will play locally.