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Support Tutorials

Microphone Setup Video

Step 1: Open Google Chrome.

Step 2: Select a room above.

You must be on the https:// site to use the microphone: 


Step 3 - If prompted, select the upgrade Flash Player link:

Allow Flash

Step 4 - Allow Access to Flash

Step 5 - Enter your Name and press Sign In

Step 6 - Press the Mic button in the top right:
Mic Open

Step 7 - Allow Access to the Microphone on both popup boxes:

Allow Flash Mic

Step 8 - Select and Allow Microphone Access

Press the icon pictured below:

Change to Always Allow as pictured below:

Always Allow Mic
*You may select your Microphone from this window as well. Please select the "USB Device" to use your headset.

Minimum Bandwidth Requirements

  • Upload speed of 256kbp/s and a minimum download speed of 512kbp/s. To check your bandwidth speed, please visit

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