Age Requirement

Student must be five (5) before August 1st of the current school year (Kindergarten Screening Requirement) and 21 or younger. QDA is available for students in Grades K-12.

Proof of Ohio Residency

We will require one of the following items showing the parent(s)/guardian(s) name and address:

Proof of Ohio Residency may be submitted through the Maestro Application System on the FORMS page or it may be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Documentation must show the company name or logo and the full service address (this address must match the address on the student's applications). The following may be blacked out on the documentation: amounts owed, statement balances, account numbers or other sensitive financial information. However, we can't accept a disconnect notice.

Documentation of the student's residency shall be a good faith effort to accurately identify the correct residence of the student. The items must be current and include a street address; a P.O. Box cannot be used to validate residency records. State Law requires QDA to obtain Proof Residency after an address change, and upon request of the student's resident home school district.

Technology Requirements

QDA does not provide an Internet connection (we provide Internet Reimbursement instead). It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to obtain reliable Internet access. Students can use a QDA Chromebook while enrolled. Chromebooks will only be issued after orientation is completed and the student is officially enrolled.

For additional information about tech requirements, please visit our Technology Answers for Prospective Families page.

Application Requirements

QDA will only consider an application as completed once all of these items are submitted:

An application will be marked as completed once all of the above items are received. In the event of enrollment caps, students will be considered for enrollment based on the date we receive their completed application.


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