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Second semester enrollment is closed. All applications received will be considered for next school year only.


QDA Frequently Asked Questions

What is QDA?

QDA is a non-profit public online school that was founded in 2003 to give students in the New Philadelphia area an alternative education option. We have since expanded and now allow students from across the State of Ohio to enroll.

Who can enroll at QDA?

Any Ohio resident between 5 and 22. QDA is a K-12 school. Students over the age of 22 that need a few credits to graduate may be elligble to enroll in our Adult 22+ High School Diploma Program.

How much is tuition?

QDA is tuition free. There is no cost to the student or their family.

How will my student benefit from attending QDA?

Your student will receive a custom tailored education to meet their needs. In additional to a large course library we assign Instructional Supervisors to each student so their progress can be closely monitored and they are available to assist students when needed.

How will my student know what to do?

Every student that enrolls must go through our orientation process. Students may come to their local office or it will be conducted over the phone. During this orientation process the student’s Instructional Supervisor will show them how to navigate their courses, go over school policies, and show them how to access various resources. QDA has also created an extensive knowledge base to answer frequently asked question. If at any time a student has a question they may contact their Instructional Supervisor or call us toll free at 1-866-968-7032.

How will my student's progress be monitored?

At QDA each student is assigned an Instructional Supervisor (IS) to be the main contact for the student and their family. The "IS" is responsible for monitoring the students’ progress on a bi-weekly basis and communicating progress/expectations with the student and their family.

QDA has also invested in a new Student Information System that will allow parents/guardians to monitor progress for all of their students from one account.

Why do we assign Instructional Supervisors?

A single person monitors a student’s progress across all courses which equals greater accountability and students have a single point of contact for all questions.

How is QDA different than a traditional school?

QDA has a large course library which allows students to access courses that may not be available in every school district. Students may access their courses 24/7 from any computer system that has access to the Internet. This allows students to work at their own pace.

How is QDA different than other online schools?

QDA has four offices located around the State staffed by members of the community and we do not use a for-profit management company. We also have access to multiple curriculum options so students can select from a large course library.

Do students attending online schools have to meet the same standards as traditional schools?

Yes. Students enrolled at QDA are required to take State Mandated Assessments and meet Graduation Requirements specified by the State Board of Education. Students are also required to attend regularly.

How much time will my student spend doing school work during the day/year?

Students are expected to work 5 to 5.5 hours per school day. Students may work up to ten hours pay day to "get ahead" or to "catch up" if they choose. At the end of the school year students must have 920 hours of attendance (if they enrolled on the first day of school).

If my student isn't done when the school year ends what will happen?

Students may continue to work until their courses expire.

Can my student enlist in the Military after graduation?

The military recognizes a diploma from QDA the same as a diploma from any traditional school. Students are encouraged to speak with a local recruiter if they are interested in the Military.

What if I don’t have access to a computer or the Internet?

Students will be issued a computer system to use while they are enrolled. While QDA does not provide Internet, we reimburse up to $40/month (please see our Internet Service Reimbursement Policy for more information).

What about opportunities for student socialization?

QDA plans regular field trips to points of interest for its students. In the past, QDA students have visited museums, aquariums, gone to plays and theatrical experiences, and traveled to the zoo! QDA is committed to providing an educational experience both on and off the computer!

What does QDA stand for?

QDA stands for Quaker Digital Academy. QDA's sponsor is New Philadelphia City Schools and their school mascot is the Quaker. 



How to Enroll at QDA - Ohio's Premier Online School

Thank you for your interest in QDA! To begin the enrollment process, please ensure the prospective student meets the following requirements:

  • Student is over the age of 5 (Kindergarten Screening Requirement), but under 22.
  • A Legal Ohio Resident
    • We will require one of the following items showing the parents/guardians name and address:
      • Utility Bill (Gas, Electric, or Water)
      • A full copy of lease or mortgage papers.
      • Most Recent Bank Statement
      • Most Recent Rent Receipt
      • Please contact the QDA office if you are living temporarily with someone. There's an alternative document to sign.
    • Documentation of the student's residency shall be a good faith effort to accurately identify the correct residence of the student. The items must be current and include a street address; a P.O. Box cannot be used to validate residency records. We can't accept a cable, Internet, or cellphone bill.
  • Internet Access: QDA does not provide an Internet connection (we provide Internet Reimbursement instead). It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to obtain reliable Internet access.

Proof of Ohio Residency may be submitted through the Maestro Application System on the FORMS page or it may be emailed to Documentation must show the company name or logo and the full service address (this address must match the address on the student's applications). The following may be blacked out the documentation: amounts owed, statement balances, account numbers or other sensitive financial information. However, we can't accept a disconnect notice.

Enrollment Process

Step 1: Complete the student application.

Step 2: Complete the new student enrollment packet (A link to the online packet will be emailed after submitting the student application).

Step 3: Submit Proof of Ohio Residency

  • Documentation may submitted through the Maestro System or emailed to
  • A picture of the document or a PDF may be submitted. Please ensure the full page and letterhead is visible.

Once we receive the above items, QDA will request records from the student's current school and create a course schedule. An orientation will then be scheduled with the student's Instructional Supervisor. A computer system will be provided at orientation (if requested). For additional information, please visit our enrollment questions page or call us toll free at 1-866-968-7032. 

QDA is a tuition free, public school for Ohio students only.


Completing an application does not guarantee enrollment. An official notice will be sent to a student's current school once orientation has been completed.

Welcome to QDA - Apply Today!

Thank you for your interest in Ohio's Premier Online School! QDA is an Ohio online school for students in grades K-12. We would like to remind prospective students and their families that the dedicated staff at QDA is able to answer pre-enrollment questions and provide demo accounts to our courses.

To learn more about QDA, please call us toll free at 1-866-968-7032 or complete our information request form.

QDA Enrollment Requirements

To be considered for enrollment, prospective students must submit the following items:

  • Student Application
  • Enrollment Packet - you will be emailed a link to the enrollment packet after you submit the application.
  • Valid Proof of Ohio Residency - You may submit this through various methods. Please see the application for additional information.
  • A reminder, QDA students must be at least 5 years old by August 1st and complete their courses before turning 22.

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17 and Under

Parents and guardians that wish to enroll their student(s) must first create a guardian account.

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18 and Older

Students that are 18 - 21 can create an account without entering parent/guardian information.

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Students that were previously enrolled at QDA must complete a re-enrollment packet.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

QDA has put together a list of answers to frequently asked questions. Click here to access our FAQs Page. 

Experience Matters

Since opening its doors in 2003, QDA’s goal has been to provide students choices in their education. Over the years we have fine-tuned our program to give students access to a large library of courses and learning formats. When students enroll in our program, we analyze their course history and get feedback to create a truly customized learning plan to ensure each individual is successful and prepared for their future. Read more...

Completing an application does not guarantee enrollment. Do not withdrawal from your current school until orientation is completed. 


QDA (Quaker Digital Academy) is K-12 public school for Ohio students. QDA is an Ohio non-profit online school with offices in New Philadelphia, Berlin, East Liverpool, and Steubenville. QDA provides students with a computer system, tutoring services, an academic coach, and access to hundreds of online courses. QDA is a tuition free school. Contact QDA today at 1-866-968-7032 or complete an information request to learn more about QDA.