Since opening its doors in 2003, QDA’s goal has been to provide students choices in their education. Over the years we have fine-tuned our program to give students access to a large library of courses and learning formats. When students enroll in our program, we analyze their course history and get feedback to create a truly customized learning plan to ensure each individual is successful and prepared for their future. To ensure students receive the proper support, the following curriculum support departments will be assisting students throughout their enrollment:

  • Teachers: The teacher of the course is responsible for answering course related questions, assisting students and grading student work.
  • Instructional Supervisors: Each student is assigned an Instructional Supervisor (IS). The IS is responsible for monitoring student progress across all of their courses. The IS will communicate with the student and their family bi-weekly to give progress updates and keep the family up-to-date on school events. Students and their families can also contact their IS directly at any time via email or phone if they have questions, issues, or concerns. 
  • Tutoring Services: QDA offers free tutoring to students who need additional help in their core subject areas (typically one hour per week, per subject). QDA provides in-person and virtual tutoring.

Ohio State Board of Education Award - QDA Exceeds State Standards

Students will be provided with the following technology resources:

  • Each student enrolled at QDA has the option to use one of our devices while they are enrolled. QDA also reimburses families for Internet (see our ISP reimbursement policy for more information).
  • Technical Support: QDA has in-house technical support team than can help students resolve technical issues. We are able to assist students over the phone, through email, or via a secure remote support application.
  • In addition to QDA's support team, students also have access to our curriculum provider's technical support department for after-hours support.
  • For information, please visit our help center at

Students also have access to the following support services:

  • Our Offices: We has three offices located in New Philadelphia, East Liverpool, and Steubenville. Students can visit these offices to speak directly with the QDA staff and each office is equipped with a computer lab that students can use.
  • Special Services: QDA is committed to providing support services to all students and teachers and to providing a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment to all students with disabilities.

How do students learn at QDA?

An introduction to QDA's online learning environment:

QDA uses an asynchronous learning model that allows students the freedom to learn from anywhere. While students are required to meet attendance requirements, there are no designated class times so students can create their own schedule. Each course has been developed so students can learn at their own pace and show mastery for each topic. This approach allows students, their parents/guardians, and teachers to closely monitor progress and to ensure that the core course material is being mastered. To accommodate for various learning styles, each course has been developed to ensure lessons use a combination of text, audio, video, and hands on experience. 

QDA combines our local Ohio certified educators with the nation's leading online curriculum designers to give students access to a large library of online courses. Listed below are our curriculum platforms that most students use while enrolled at QDA. However, QDA is also able to offer students the option to participate in the following programs:

  • College Credit Plus - take some or all of your courses at a local university.
  • Vocational Programs - attend a local vocational school to learn a trade and take your core subjects at QDA.
  • AP Courses

Select a grade level to learn more:

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At QDA, our goal is to provide students with a truly individualized education to meet their needs and help them succeed. We strongly encourage prospective families to contact us before or during the enrollment process so we can learn more about the student and give a full overview of our program. Prospective families can contact us by phone, email, or stop into one of our offices where a staff member will be able to go over all of the available options.

Contact us toll free at 1-866-968-7032 or through the information request form below.

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Staff Interviews

Staff Interviews - Mr. Zontini, Instructional Supervisor

Staff Interviews - Mr. Young, Instructor

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