Quaker Digital Academy

School Code: 365-266

IRN: 000241


QDA is approved by the Ohio Department of Education for statewide enrollment. Our curriculum is aligned to state standards taught by Ohio licensed teachers. QDA is a non-profit, public school.


QDA has been providing high quality, tuition free education to students in grades K-12 throughout the State of Ohio since 2003.

Students and parents are supported by QDA by being provided accredited curriculum, certified teachers, and certified instructional supervisors (licensed teacher) that give personalized attention to each child.  In addition, tutors are available on an as-needed basis.  Presently there are three QDA offices in New Philadelphia, East Liverpool, and Steubenville.

QDA is committed to making a difference by providing a quality educational alternative.  We offer parents and students a comprehensive academic program that emphasizes the pursuit of excellence.  The individual needs and learning styles of students are accommodated through personalized learning.  When students leave QDA, they have the skills to be life-long, reflective learners who are able to be objective and rational when making decisions. 

Graduation Requirements

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Grading Scale

90-100 = A
(3.6-4.0 = A)

80-89 = B
(2.6-35 = B)

70-79 = C
(1.6-2.5 = C)

60-69 = D
(0.6-1.5 = D)

Curriculum Option

Elementary School (K-5)


Middle School (6-8)


High School (9-12)