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The QDA Technology Department is available to assist students Monday - Friday from 9AM-5PM.


Toll Free: 1-866-968-7032

Michael Ciereszewski, Director of Technology


Scott Kimble, Computer Technician



Technology Articles

How do I sign into a QDA Chromebook?

If you are using a QDA issued Chromebook you will need to use your QDA G Suite (email account) username and password. QDA provides this information during the enrollment process (emailed titled "Instructional Supervisor Assigned"). If you have forgotten your account credentials, please contact the QDA Technology Department.


Chromebook Touchpad

How to Right Click

To right click on a chromebook, tap the touchpad using two fingers. You may also press the ALT button and click.

How to Scroll

Use two fingers and move up and down on the touchpad. 

More Commands

For more touchpad tips, please click here.


Chromebook Keyboard

How to Copy Text

Select the text and press the CTRL and C buttons at the same time. You may also select the text and tap the touchpad with two fingers and select copy from the menu.

How to Paste Text

Select the area you wish to paste the text and press the CTRL and P buttons at the same time. You may tap the touchpad with two fingers and select paste from the menu.

More Commands

For a full list of keyboard commands, please click here.

Helpful Videos

Getting Started with Chromebooks

How to manage files

Switching to a Chromebook

The following video demonstrates how to configure your Chromebook (or Google Chrome) so you can use a headset and microphone.

Getting Started Video Guide

Click here to view in full screen.

Help Guides

QDA Support Center

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Call us toll free at 1-866-968-7032 or at 330-339-7159

Remote Support (Windows)


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