Students should use their school issued email account for document storage and sharing. To access the Google Drive, go to or press the Google Drive icon on the taskbar or in the quick launch menu:

Access Google Drive


Taskbar Icon: 

Quick Launch Menu:


Upload File

Once you are in Google Drive, you can upload a file by pressing the New button and then select File Upload:

Browse and locate your file

On a Chromebook, use the Recent File list if you have recently created the file:

To upload the file, select it so it's highlighted and press Open. Alternatively, you can simply double click on the file:

The process is the same for a Windows device. However, you will need to know where the file is located. 

Share the File

Once the file is uploaded you can select and press the share button:

Enter your teacher's name or email address and press send:

Once email address or teacher's name is entered, press send.

Your file will now be shared.