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How to Meet Attendance Requirements

QDA recommends that students work around one hour per subject per school day*. This ensures that students meet attendance requirements and progress through their courses in a timely manner. However, students may opt to work in specific subject areas if they choose as long as they meet the attendance goals below.

To ensure students meet attendance requirements, QDA recommends the following goals:

  • Students should have 5.1 hours of documented time per school day.
  • Students should have 25.5 hours of documented time per week.
  • Students should have 460 hours of documented time by the end of the first semester.
  • Students should have 920 total hours by the last day of school (if enrolled on the first day of school).

It is important to note that students may document attendance on non-school days (in examples, weekends or holiday breaks) to make up time missed.

Student attendance is automatically documented when logged into coursework, but students may document their "offline" time by using the Student Information System Attendance System. Some examples of offline attendance can include any of the following items as long as the student is not signed into their coursework:

  • Reading lesson material in a textbook.
  • Completing math workbook or practice problems.
  • Reading a novel for English Language Arts.
  • Doing a science experiment.
  • Conducting library research for an assignment.
  • Conducting Internet research for an assignment.
  • Composing an essay or written response in a Word Processor.
  • Watching an educational video related to the lesson material.
  • Graphic Design Project.

Students must enter a start and end time for each activity. Students CANNOT be logged into their courses during their documented offline time. Each activity must also include a description of what they did. Each submission must be approved by the student's Instructional Supervisor for the activity to count.

Directions for documenting time can be found below.

How to Document Offline Attendance within Maestro

*Working one hour per class is recommended for students that are enrolled in at least five classes. Students that are taking vocational classes or in the College Credit Plus program may have different attendance requirements. Please contact your Instructional Supervisor for additional information.


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