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The QDA Testing Department has mailed letters to all students who are required to take an end of course assessment. Students located near the QDA New Philadelphia Office that been instructed to register online may do so here:

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For additional information about State Testing, please call 330-365-5590.

Spring End of Course

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Students must earn a total of 20 credits in the areas below and meet State of Ohio Test requirements in order to receive a high school diploma:

English Language Arts – 4 units

Health – ½ unit

Mathematics – 4 units

Must include 1 unit of Algebra II or the equivalent of Algebra II.

Physical Education – ½ unit

Science – 3 units

  • Must include 1 unit of physical sciences.
  • Must include 1 unit of life sciences.
  • Must include 1 unit of advanced study in one or more of the following sciences:
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Physical Science
    • Advanced biology or other life sciences

Social Studies – 3 units

  • Must include ½ unit of American History
  • Must include ½ unit of American Government
  • Class of 2021 – Must include ½ unit of World History and Civilization

Electives – 5 units

  • Must include 1 unit in economics and/or financial literacy
  • Must include 1 unit of Fine Arts
  • Students following a career-technical pathway are exempted from the Fine Arts requirement

Students must also meet state testing requirements.

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