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The QDA Testing Department has mailed letters to all students who are required to take an end of course assessment. Students located near the QDA New Philadelphia Office that been instructed to register online may do so here: testing.go2qda.org.

Prepare for an End of Course Assessment - Visit our Test Prep Site.

For additional information about State Testing, please call 330-365-5590.

Register for Fall EOC

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Support Tutorials

Microphone Setup Video

Step 1: Open Google Chrome.

Step 2: Select a room above.

You must be on the https:// site to use the microphone: 


Step 3 - If prompted, select the upgrade Flash Player link:

Allow Flash

Step 4 - Allow Access to Flash

Step 5 - Enter your Name and press Sign In

Step 6 - Press the Mic button in the top right:
Mic Open

Step 7 - Allow Access to the Microphone on both popup boxes:

Allow Flash Mic

Step 8 - Select and Allow Microphone Access

Press the icon pictured below:

Change to Always Allow as pictured below:

Always Allow Mic
*You may select your Microphone from this window as well. Please select the "USB Device" to use your headset.

Minimum Bandwidth Requirements

  • Upload speed of 256kbp/s and a minimum download speed of 512kbp/s. To check your bandwidth speed, please visit fast.com.

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